msgdeliverevent problem

Hello all,
I am a total QNX newbie and I don’t even know if this is supposed to be possible, but here is my situation.

I have 2 processes, one client and one server. Both these run in loops that listens to messages and pulses with MsgReceive, however they listen to separate messages (different structs, tMessageServer and tMessageClient).

First the client sends a message to the server, saying that it wants to receive pulses at specific times. It uses a tMessageServer for this so that the server understands it, but the sigevent it supplies is a pointer to an event inside tMessageClient, so that the client can listen after pulses and messages in the main loop.

On the server side, when a message is received, it stores away pid and event struct supplied by client, and sometimes later (repeatedly) does a MsgDeliverEvent.

I was hoping I could get the pulse to be “cross-messages” but it only arrives one pulse at the client, and that is when the server goes down. I do not want to use MsgReceivePulse, as I have to wait for both messages and pulses at the client (from other processes). Is there any way to solve this problem? If this was totally unclear I can supply some code. Thanks a lot in advance!

/ Roland

Sorry for a bit hasty post, problem solved, I had setup the channel wrong. However what I don’t understand is: how do QNX know where to map the pulse code? Now I happened to have a struct _pulse in the tMessageClient, but come QNX know that is should be mapped there?

/ Roland

Everything goes through a channel and channels are identify with a nid a pid and a chid.