EtherCAT Protocol for QNX

Hi All,
Currently I am woking on Implementing EtherCAT(LAN Based fieldbus protocol) protocol for QNX, Please help me in below issues.

  1. How to diable current ethernet protocol?
  2. How to enable EtherCAT protocol?
  3. Currently I am having EtherCAT masterCode for linux. How to port linux code to QNX?

Any help is appreciated.


1 - You will need to start a separate session of io-net with you own driver and not start qnet or tcp/ip.

2 - You cannot “enable EtherCAT” protocol, from what little I know about it you will need to write pretty much everything from scratch.

3 - You need to understand the Linux and get to know QNX and then attempt a port. Linux driver do know port as is to QNX. Under QNX you will need to learn how to write a network “stack”. It’s one thing to have a driver for the card but it’s another thing to handle the protocol. Depending on what you need to do you might be better of not building your stuff on top of QNX networking infrastructure.

Also, it’s already been done…

Please, can any one help in giveing proper API to read ethernet driver configuration parameters?

what exactly are you looking for? Too vague of a question. Do you want to do the same thing that nicinfo does?

Thanks for the help
Sorry, Actually what I was trying to do was also Vague!!!
Currently What I want to do is…Write my own driver, generate execuable from that (Like Net.ether82557), disable existing Net.ether82557 (which is default driver for my QNX4 which I am enabling with sysinit.x) and run my own driver.


You never mentioned QNX4 before. This will be very difficult (if not impossible) to accomplish in QNX4.

  1. How to diable current ethernet protocol?

That’s easy, just don’t start the “Socket” program. Without it, there is no TCP/IP. QNX 4 TCP/IP rides on top of the QNET network, using its raw packet interface.

  1. How to enable EtherCAT protocol?

You will have to port it, and modify it to use the raw packet interface mentioned above.
The (ugly) alternative would be to write your own network driver, and then you can create any interface you want.

  1. Currently I am having EtherCAT masterCode for linux. How to port linux code to QNX?

Sincerely, if you do not know where to start, you are probably not up to the task. If you want to know about the raw packet interface, there is a toolkit that explains how it works. You will also have to understand how EtherCAT interfaces with Ethernet.