Could not recognize network device en0 under qnx 6.2.1

I install qnx 6.2.1 on the R40 laptop. It is okay to have wired network under windows, but it could not find en0 under qnx. what’s the reason?

And which driver does the R40’s network (inter PRO/100 VE )use under qnx 6.2.1?
Thank u.


At this link … wireless=1

You can see all the supported wireless cards for 6.3 (which is newer than your 6.2.1).

If the wireless care on the R40 laptop is not one of these supported ones then it’s not going to work.


thx, i just solved the problem. it is due to my network pci device ID problem, since my device id was not supported by the time in qnx6.2.1. I just used io-net with my device ID, then it worked.