vnc server installation issue


We are trying to install the VNC server on the

QNX6.3.2 x86

We have done the following

  1. Installed perl from qnxpub621.iso (perl

executable is in /opt/bin)

  1. Extracted xf86-4301-qnx6-bin.tar.gz

  2. Extracted Xvnc-3.3.7-qnx6-bin.tar.gz

  3. Executed the following commands
    export PATH=/usr/X11R6/bin:$PATH


  1. Run vncserver from /usr/X11R6/bin

However step 5 doesnt execute. Error shown is “vncserver not found”

Can anyone please help?


Try ./vncserver, by default the current directory isn’t in the path.


We did exactly that ./vncserver
The error shown is sh: ./vncserver: no such file or directory



Take a look (ls -l) in /usr/X11R6/bin and make sure the execute bit is set on vncserver.

It’s possible it wasn’t properly set in the archive.


Thanks Tim,

The vncserver executable is now working. Can you please help me with the steps in configuring the vncserver so that it starts accepting remote connections?

Appreciate your help.


Hi Sameer2008,

How did you install PERL from qnxpub621.iso ?

Thanks ?

“vncserver” is a perl script. You need to make sure the first line of that script point to the right location of your perl. I think 3rd party CD installs perl in /opt/bin/perl

First time you run “vncserver”, it will prompt you to create a password for remote vnc accesses. All those information are stored in your $HOME/.vnc directory. There is also log file in there so you can double check to see if there are any errors.

You can see a message on the screen saying vnc started on :1 (or maybe :2 or :3). Check the process to make sure Xvnc is indeed running. If not, check the log file to see why.

You can then remote connect to :1 using vncviewer remotely.

Thanks Sameer and noc,

vncserver now is running on :2 and listening for VNC connection on TCP port 5902. (set password already)

But I still can not connect to QNX6.3 by VNCViewer4.1.2 from Window.
(unable to connect host: Connection refused 10061)

Do I need to start vncconnect in QNX side ?
How do I add a new client in QNX side like VNCServer in window ?

Thanks for your all help.


at least you can try to connect from QNX side to see if there is really a listen port.

moreover you can check if it is really listening on the right ip address.
netstat -an

Thanks noc / Sameer

The VNCViewer from Window can talk with vncserver in QNX6.3 side.

Current, I’m using Phindows for remote login to QNX6.3 with session /dev/photon and I can see the same as the GUI in QNX

How can we set vncserver in QNX that VNCViewer can display the same like Phindow as we see in the QNX server ?
Picture attached vnc.gif (VNC viewer in the top/left — Phindow on the bottom — Server is in the right )

It seems VNCServer starts XPhoton



Glad to hear you got vnc working.
Not sure what your question is, but VNC is for remote X, and not for Photon. If you want to remotely connect to Photon from Windows, you will need Phindows.

noc / sameer,

When phindow connect to QNX, the phrelay (photon) takes a lot of CPU. I try to work around by using VNC. Unfortunaly, VNC compatibility with XWindow only and NOT for photon.

Thanks for your geat help