how to do configure properly qnx


i am a new user and i installed the qnx 6.3.2 in notebook to test him (hp pavilion dv5000, centrino duo core 1.83 MHz, 1GB, 2 MB cache). However, some applications like Mozilla are running too slow (e.g. scrollbar roll down/up in a slow motion). Is this a configuration problem related to video driver? if not, how to improve the performance of applications that are running in GUI?


Yes it most probably default to vesa or worst vga. If that is the case then it’s unlikely the video card in the notebook is supported.

Do you know the video chipset?

the pci -vv show me this:

Class = Display (VGA)
Vendor ID = 10deh, nVidia Corporation
Device ID = 1d8h, GeForce Go 7400

As far as I know, nVidia chips are only supported via the VESA and VGA interfaces. If you search on nVidia here, you will find plenty of programmers in your situation. This is not the fault of QNX. Apparently nVidia refuses to release their interface. Your best bet is to find another video card. You don’t need a particularly expensive one, since most of what you pay for in a video card is 3D accelleration features.