how to port an application


i would like to know where i can find instructions on how to porting an applicaton to qnx6? is there a tutorial or any documentation to guide this task? I need to run CIAO component middleware ( on qnx, and i will try to use QNX Momentics Developement Suite 6.3.2 to port it


There is no universal porting guide; however, CIAO should be a fairly straightforward port as long as you use gcc 4.2.1 ( - follow the instructions to get the 4.2.1 preview).

If you prefer, these guys supposedly offer commercial support for CIAO on QNX…

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I have an application written in Visual Basic. Is there any simple way of porting this application to QNX?
Or will it have to be re-written in a language such as C or C++?


Sure, you have to compile your app with qcc/gcc compiler.

Yes you will have to re-write it. Visual Basic is a Microsoft creation and follows no standard that I’m aware of.

I would re-write it from scratch though ;-)