Req: Improve abilityof Searching of QNX Help.

Hi! :slight_smile:
I have some request to QNX Help. I think that QNX HELP Momentict IDE is not as strong as Visual Studio MSDN: ability of searching, option. I don’t mean “number of resource”. It is not easy to find a structure. I often use Window Explorer to find the one in “include” directory.

  • if keyword is a function, struct,… these pages will be at the head of result list.
  • split QNX Help into some narrower areas: programing, Neutrino OS,… Users doesn’t always need to search in the whole HELP resource. HELP should allow user to choose one ore many areas

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes i also have some trouble with it.

Search for the C function “open”, the function “close” is more relevant to the search function … also a context sensitive Help, like pressing F1 won´t work ^^
Moreover, the context sensitive auto completion or proposal won´t work if your write the complete function name already … Some bugs i hope to change soon.

You can narrow your searcharea yourself, by setting where to search under the link “Search scope”