Ethernet duplex settings.

Is there a tool for forcing the ethernet card down to half-duplex in QnX6.x? I tried mii-tool, but without result.

Most driver have an option to set speed and duplex configuration. However I don’t think it can be changed at runtime.

Ok, so how do I change it?

Im trying to set my ethernet card driver to 10mbit half-duplex. nicinfo
says that it is correct, but the switch/hub still says 100mbit and the
average transfer speed it more than 10mbit. I’ve edited the “mount”
variable in /etc/system/enum/devices/net file to: mount(-Tio-net
/lib/dll/devn-, “/dev/io-net/en$(netnum)”).

On half-duplex the network transfer is VERY slow (even with 100mbit HD).


Why would you want to downgrade a 100Mbit/Full Duplex connection to a 10Mbit/Half Duplex one?

Most times the firmware in the NIC card itself will ‘auto negotiate’ speed/duplex with the switch. So providing those options to the driver won’t help unless the firmware in the card actually is designed to allow software drivers to force renegotiation.

As for Half Duplex being slow. That’s normal. Half Duplex is slower than Full Duplex. What were you expecting to see with Half Duplex?


That should be right, but are you sure you have the right NIC?

What does “nicinfo” say?

nicinfo says 10mbit HD.

The reason why I need to force it to 10mbit HD is because of the network card that is connected to a Sixnet Etherswitch, then a PLS. These are turned on/off alot, and sometimes it wont go back on 100mbit and then it just sits there and the HMI display wont get its data from the PLS.