networking on QNX 4

I have installed qnx 4, but don’t know how to setup network. If need driver, please give link of download.

I have installed qnx 4, but donYou don’t say whether you require QNX native networking or TCP/IP. Both are covered adequately in the docs. If you want TCP/IP you will need to purchase the runtimes. You could also search these forums where these issues have been dealt with many times. In other words do some research…

QNX 4 requires you to setup a netmap file, which has Ethernet Mac addresses. Mario Charest has a nice utilty that sets this up for you automatically and dynamically.


Is this tool still exist somewhere on the web?

It is not free.

For native networking:

The ‘nettrap’ command can help you.

  1. Run Net administrator,
  2. Run the particular network driver (ex: Net.* with parameters) (discovered by nettrap query for example)
  3. Configure /etc/config/netmap in all network nodes
  4. Run netmap -f in all nodes

For tcp/ip:

  1. Configure /etc/netstart, /etc/host (ifconfig command is the heart)
  2. Run Socklet or Socket or Tcpip (the latest version) depend on your needs
  3. Check your node have an IP address (ifconfig command)

Maybe I am forgetting something else… this is just a quick (what I remember) guide, check the docs for complete help.

I hope it is helpful

Juan Manuel

I forgot… you can use netinfo command to see the MAC’s NIC

Thanks for your explanation. I am trying to set up Tcp/ip. I stuck at the fist step since I am not really sure how those (netstart and host files) have to be configured exactly. Although I read through the TCP/IP v5.0 user’s, guide it does not cover specific explanations. Could you please share your configuration in these files so that I can modify mines accordingly?

Thank you.

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It isn’t quite complicated, as I remember the default hostname used by netstart configuration file is node$NODE (ex node21), so you have to add this entry to /etc/host with the correct IP address. Ex:


So /etc/netstart will run ifconfig command to configure the interface (for example en0) with that IP and the netmask. The line is such as

ifconfig en0 node$NODE (you can hardcode the IP here not recomended) netmask up

This set up the IP address to en0 interface.

You must be sure, networking (Net and are working fine and you have the correct number of licensed nodes and nameloc running somewhere)

Tomorrow I can post you same detailed examples…

Good luck!

Juan Manuel

QNX4 start at en1 not en0.

I am sure that my Net and Net.bcm57xx drivers are running before I start to run Tcpip tool. I guess I will have to run this before I call ifconfig utility.

My confusion is mostly because I am not sure how should I initiate Tcpip. Would you please also tell me how can I start these tools automatically each time my systems start up.

Thanks for your time Juan. I will look forward to see your further examples.

Yes, Mario is right, the first interface is en1, not en0

This work for us… try something similar

Juan Manuel

Thanks Juan,

These files helped me a lot to configure my TCP / IP.

I will describe the details on my Tcpip ate my license titled topic.

Hi all,

Susan here, i too have installed qnx 4, but don’t know how to setup network, but reading the instructions here i coult set this up quiet well.

Thanks a million for the posts.


Maybe we can help you better, if you are a bit more specific…

Did you run Net manager ok ?
Did you realize what driver you need?
Did you run the this driver?
Did you configure /etc/netmap in all nodes?
Did you run netmap -f in all nodes?

nettrap query and nettrap start could help you…