Clear screen on startup script


Is there any way to clear the screen in the startup script? I mean something like:

display_msg system is on
sleep 5


Grillo Solitario

Hello Grillo,
That is not an elegant solution, but a number of

display_msg “â€

A CTRL-L command in a terminal window will clear the screen.

So you might be able to find a way to use display_msg to send a CTRL-L.

The other option is writing a 1 line C program that just does a printf of a CTRL-L and then put your executable in the boot image and call it to clear the screen.


The echo command can be used to send the CTRL-L to the screen. Put echo “\14” or echo “\f” into it’s own file, make the file executable and you will have a clear screen command!


Simply type “clear”.


I’ve tried the two last methods, but they don’t work. I must say I run a photon application when starting the system. This application has an exit button that runs the shutdown command. When QNX finishes the shutdown process, the screen has all the booting messages, and that’s what I want to remove.

I suppose yuriy’s method may work, but it would fill the buildfile of “display_msg”, and I would like a smarter solution.

Thank you all.

Ah, those messages are not part of any shell but are instead written directly to the screen. So the clear and CTRL-L methods won’t work.

I think you’ll have to use Yuri’s method.

The only other thing you can do is to start the console driver as part of your boot process. That will grab the screen and clear it but then you will see a login prompt when photon shuts down (not sure if that’s OK).