Enabling auto-complete in QNX terminal

I recently installed QNX Neutrino RTOS from the 6.3.2 Momentics CD.

I noticed that there is no auto-complete on the shell prompt (terminal window) in the Photon GUI.

How can I enable the auto-complete. As you may know it is very cumbersome to type commands.

There is ESC-ESC if that is what you mean?

Thanks for the reply. The ESC-ESC that you mentioned answers a part of my question. My understanding is that ESC-ESC just completes the command but it is not forward looking. For example, if I just want to see the contents of the /root directory without actually “cd”-ing into it, I cannot do it.

ls /root (Now if I press ESC-ESC it won’t show me the output)

The feature that I am talking about is the same which is there in all Linux Distributions and also on UNIX systems.

That feature is not available. It is most probably a feature of the shell ( bash maybe ), it should be possible to install bash under QNX6 ( never done it myself ).

really? it works for me - ls /bin/l?

Based on suggestion of Mario, I installed bash and I was able to get the feature that I was looking for. cburgess, not sure what shell are you using?

Well you learn something everyday :wink:

Thanks Colin.

Actually autocompletion will work, but not showing the possible values for autocompletion if there are more than one.
At least not in the default shell with default setup.

With ? it does how all possible values, and as far as I know I’m using the default setup.

Yes, I am seeing the exactly same behavior.