Tools for SH4 processor?

Hello All,

Can i find applications ported to QNX 6.3.2 and SH4? Static binaries or ported source.
I would need a text editor, pager, gcc, ncurses, some basic tools.

There is a run time environment available but as far a native development I don’t think there is anything.

Ah, thank you Mario, its sad…

If someone compiles public licensed development tools, please share them here. Sometimes even a home made program can help! :slight_smile:

Not sure it makes sense, SH4 are usually used in devices that don’t really make good development platform. At the speed these thing run they would make a pretty painfull development host.

Basically i would like to play with a gadget a little bit, equipped with SH4 and QNX, but it has only a bare system, not designed for text terminal usage. I does not even have a text editor on it. General tools accepted! ;)