QNX on Compact Flash

I am new to QNX and using QNX Neutrino 6.3.0 sp3. I am running qnx thru vm-ware. I would like to build qnx image on compact flash and boot from it.
I am using PC which has embedded CompactFLash slot. Windows is detecting the flash but qnx not showing in fs folder.
I request to provide stepwise procedure from detection of the flash to booting from flash.
Please forward suitable links for more help.

Did you include the flash drive in the vmware configuration?

We are using a USB card reader to transfer the operating system to the comapct flash disk. USB Mass Storage devices are supported by the devb-umass driver.

In the target the CF is enumerated as an IDE device.

Here you find the needed steps to initialize the CF disk:
openqnx.com/index.php?name=P … pic&t=8331

I am using PC that support CF as primary drive only. I am booting thru secondary master IDE device. Under QNX CF is shown as hd0.
i formated it with fdisk and qnx77 as file type with whole disk space as single partition.
after rebooting the system the CF was shown in “fs” folder as hd0-t77 type.
i used the following commands to initialize the CF
dinit -h -B ipcl-diskpc1 /dev/hd0
dinit -h -f -B ipcl-diskpc2 /dev/hd0t77.
i was getting prompt stating the disk to be raw, i proceeded by entering Y for it.
then i tried to boot from this CF. the sytem stoped at startup message.
Please suggest and correct me.

I created qnx image by using the copy of the build file available in boot/build/qnxbase.build by the following way.
“cp boot/build/qnxbase.build mybase.build”
“mkifs mybase.build myimg.img”
image was created as myimg.img.

Did you set the partition as bootable?

Try to use separate dinit and dloader commands as in my link.
Try to use the ipl-diskpc1-flop and ipl-diskpc2-flop loader.

The commands in my link works like a charm. You only need to remove the devb-umass stuff …

That’s what I do - and it works:

fdisk ${TARGET} delete -a 
fdisk ${TARGET} add -t 79 -p 100 -b 
mount -e ${TARGET} 
dinit -h -B /boot/sys/ipl-diskpc2-mod -m 'booting system' ${TARGET}t79 
mount ${TARGET}t79 ${MOUNTDIR} 
dcheck  -m ${MOUNTDIR} 
umount ${MOUNTDIR} 
mount -e 
dloader ${TARGET} /boot/sys/ipl-diskpc1-mod 

i have two queries

  1. how to add CF in VMWare virtual machine. There is no opton availble for adding CF. Should it be added as IDE, If yes then for IDE its showing only partition information for present HardDisk.
    2)Any sample build file with minimum required files and services for creating image with Photon GUI.

I think it’s only possible to use the CF Card as IDE (with an adapter) or - like me - as an USB device (CardREader). If you want to use it such a USB DEvice you must load the USB driver

Although realizing that this thread is actually closed (centuries ago) … a little update.
The link above has changed.

Building image to a Compact Flash card using USB-CF adapter