Hard Drive Performance measurement test?

I am using QNX 6.3.2 Neutrino Host. I need to test my Hard Drive’s performance under QNX. I use to do something similar in Linux with ‘hdparm’ utility. Is there something equivalent to hdparm in QNX?


Not buildin, but you might be able to get a benchmark program going from the pkgsrc kit.

Easiest Way for R/W Test would be, open up a Ramdisk about 500 MB, copy this 500 MB to HD (aprox. Write Speed), Read it into Ram (aprox. Read Spead).

Alternate try other way round you won´t need a RAM Disk, but i often had Cache Problems, 500MB written in 1.x seconds sounds too much ^^

cp -V /dev/hd0 /dev/null is a crude way of checking raw read performance.

What’s that? How can I get access to it? Can you give me some clue?

Thanks for your reply.

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