Where to get devf-generic driver for NOR-Flash?

Hello. I’m working with a MPC8360 embedded PowerPC.
I’m using the latest BSP (1.0.0) for this board. The Problem is, that I have to use the Flash-Filesystem, but the Flash-Driver isn’t included in the BSP. Neither the Board-specific flash-driver nor the generic flash-driver.

The Momentics Development Suite 6.3 doesn’t came with the generic driver too. What is an generic driver for, if you don’t get it anywhere!?
Everywhere is the usage of devf-gerneric described (Handbook, online help…) but the driver itself is unlocatable.

Hello MasterFX,
Please check whether /sbin/devf-generic is present.

QNX Installations

Installation Name: QNX Momentics Development Suite 6.3.2
Version: 6.3.2
Base Directory: /usr/qnx632/
QNX_HOST: /usr/qnx632/host/qnx6/x86/
QNX_TARGET: /usr/qnx632/target/qnx6/


DESCRIPTION=x86 generic flash

I think it’s part of a separate TDK

As I said: It isn’t present
I also used the Windows Search, but it did’t find anything with devf*

Yea, separate TDK. But didn’t have an TDK License. Do I have to get a license for a simple “generic” driver? Why isn’t anything said about that in the handbook or help?

I have just booted from
Release:6.3.2 Installation CD (Neutrino host).

No additional packages are installed.

The results of
find / -name devf-generic
are as follows:



Well, I only installed the Momentics IDE. I don’t use the Neutrino host. Maybe I have to search for the driver manually on the CD. We expected a bit more from QNX.
And by the way

Isn’t hd0 your local harddrive?

In the last 6 Month we only have problems. BSP didn’t come out (they always said “in a few weeks it is ready”, but we have to wait about 4 Month). When the BSP was final the Ethernet didn’t work. We had to correct the driver by ourselfes. And you know what, the driver didn’t work because they copied the initialization routine wrong from the uboot. You really can see that they had copied it but they put the if-condition on the wrong line. So Realtime stands for “needs really time, to get to work” ;-)
Whats about GPL => Apache?

I just downloaded a BSP for the mpc85xx and ported in hours of work the driver (it seems that qnx doesn’t know how to do that). Ok it doesn’t work with my flash but I try to implement my own instruction set. Or does anyone know how to use it with an Samsung flash (amd-instructions)


I am also using the MPC8360 BSP 1.0.0 and when I try to start io-net from the bootscript, it SIGSEGV’s. io-net works by itself, but a seg fault happens when I pass in a mac address. Would it be possible to tell me what change you made to get it to work? Thanks.