image of qnx cf card

i’d like to create an image of my cf .
have you any suggestion or can you suggest to me a tool to make this?
thanks a lot

Hello Lpanunzi,
Could you please elaborate what you mean by the “image of CFâ€

hello ysinitsky,
thanks for your answer…
i 'll try to explain more what i’d like to do…
indeed i’ve a qnx os in a compact flash and i’d be able to make a backup and restore of this media.
Do you know a tool or a qnx command line to do this???


There is no QNX utility to do this.

The only thing you can do at the moment is use a Windows based program like Norton Ghost and do an image backup of the CF (I’d done this and it works).

The problem is that your image can only be restored to an exact same model and size of CF (so if you have a 1 Gig SanDisk, you can only restore to a 1 gig Sandisk, not a 2 gig nor a CF by another manufacturer). For that reason alone, I wouldn’t recommend this method.

You are far better off just creating a tarball of everything on the CF drive and storing that because it can be restored to any size or make of CF drive.


cp /dev/hd0 file. This will create an image call file but it can only be restore on a media with the same size.

Or you can backup its content with pax/tar.

Hello Lpanunzi,
You can use dd, for example

dd if=/dev/hd7 of=image_of_flash_on_dev_hd7

or cp
cp dev/hd7 image_of_flash_on_dev_hd7

This assumes:

  1. Your CF is /dev/hd7
  2. Your current directory resides on a file system which has enough room for the entire image.


thanks i will try all your suggestions …