QNX 6.2.1 MBR Boot loader questions

I was wondering if the QNX boot loader supports Windows 2000. I’d like to set up a multiboot system, with Windows 2000 on my primary hard disk, and QNX on the secondary.

BTW, I have a Promise Ultra100 Ultra ATA controller card which I have my hard disks connected to - will this make any difference?

Thanks in advance.

Yes it will support Windows2000 (or any other OS for that matter) but note the user interface is really primitive. I prefer using a full feature boot loader/manager.

As for the IDE control if will work (no sure if DMA is suported though)

From other hand you can easily add QNX into startup menu of Windows 2k loader. Some details you can find here (if site isn’t down) ed1k.qnxclub.net/nt_qnx.html
I decided to put some quote here because our server isn’t fully working ATM :slight_smile:

If you’re speaking about second drive (not second partition on first drive)check file bootsect.qnx, if byte with offset 0x11 is 0x80, edit it to 0x81.