timer_timeout not working

Hello QNX Prorammers

I tried to set a timeout for a InterruptWait() call by calling timer_timeout()
but it does’nt seem to work it just hangs at the InterruptWait() call forever.

So I did a little Test Programm where I extracted the relevant code and it does’nt woth there either. I pasted the code of the test programm below.
I must do something wrong but I just dont see it.

#include <cerrno>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <pthread.h>

#include <sys/neutrino.h>
#include <sys/siginfo.h>
#include <hw/inout.h>

int _interruptIdCalotte = 0;

// Interrupt service routine ISR
// called when the calotte sync signal occurs
const struct sigevent* isr_handler_calotte(void *arg, int id) {
	struct sigevent* event = (struct sigevent*) arg;

	//std::clog << "id: "<<id<<" _interruptIdCalotte: "<<_interruptIdCalotte<< std::endl;
	// Check the interrupt source
	if (id != _interruptIdCalotte) {
		return NULL;

    return event;

void* int_thread_calotte(void *arg) {
    // enable I/O privilege
    ThreadCtl(_NTO_TCTL_IO, NULL);

    // initialize
	struct sigevent event;
    // attach the ISR to the IRQ
//  _interruptIdCalotte = InterruptAttachEvent( 7, &event, 0);
	_interruptIdCalotte = InterruptAttach(7, isr_handler_calotte, &event, sizeof(event), 0);
	if (_interruptIdCalotte == -1) {
    // Boost this thread's priority here
	setprio(0, 63);
	struct sigevent timerEvent;
	struct timespec timeout;
	SIGEV_INTR_INIT (&timerEvent);
	//timerEvent.sigev_notify = SIGEV_UNBLOCK;
	timeout.tv_sec  = 4;
	timeout.tv_nsec = 0;

	timer_timeout( CLOCK_REALTIME, _NTO_TIMEOUT_INTR, &timerEvent, &timeout, NULL );
	std::clog << "SYNC: Wait for the calotte sync interrupt" << std::endl;
	if(InterruptWait(NULL, NULL) == ETIMEDOUT){
		std::clog << "Interrupt Wait timed out " << std::endl;	
	// Detach interrupts
	return NULL;

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
	// Start up a thread that waites until calotte sync interrupt occurs
	// after the defines delay (iDelayAfterSyncMs) the thread will terminate
	pthread_t threadId;
	pthread_create(&threadId, NULL, int_thread_calotte, NULL);

	// Blocks until thread has terminated
	pthread_join(threadId, NULL);

The std::clog will endup making a kernel call with will cancel the timer request. Don’t put any code that might do a kernel call between timer_timeout and InterruptWait.

I don’t think you are setting the timer correctly but I don’t have access to the manual at this time so I can’t check.

Thank you, it works now. I just switched the timer_timeout and the std::clog statement.

You understand that the timer timeout was being set on the MsgSend to whatever manager was servicing std:clog for the process, right?