fdisk not working


I’m new to qnx, just started using it for a project at work.

I want to partition and format a flash card.
I currently have the flash card connected to a USB flash read and have QNX 6.3 installed.

I terminal and do fdisk /dev/hd10
I get the window and i set it for type 77, and have the entire card formatted.

I then do fdisk /dev/hd10 show and it shows the disk is formated.
Once I do anything else, the card is not partitioned anymore.
Say if i take it out of the USB read or unplug the USB the card does not show it formated.

I started to wonder if I had bad flash so i put it into windows and let windows format it. I then took it back to qnx…and it shows there is a partiotion
I then use fdisk /dev/hd10 and set it up to be a QNX type 77…and it works.
I can change the partition to any kind of format and it will stick.

I would like to know how to do it all in QNX so i do not have to format in windows to by-pass this problem.


Hello Eric,
After creating hd10t77 with fdisk run dinit:

dinit -hp /dev/hd10t77

Reboot the system. Can you still see /dev/hd10t77?

What is the outut of mount?

Thanks for your help.

Let me clearify this alittle more.

I would do fdisk /dev/hd10
I would set it up for type 77 and have the entire flash memory set for the partition
After fdisk is done Then I do fdisk /dev/hd10 query or fdisk /dev/hd10 show i get prompts back seeing that that there is a prtition

If I do ls /dev/hd* only hd10 shows not hd10t77
So I can not do dinit since there is only hd10 not hd10t77.

When I unplug the card from the read/or unplug the USB or turn off the pc… and do fdisk /dev/hd10 show it shows there is no partition on the flash.

Only ways for me to get a QNX partiton on the flash is to bring the flash into windows and let windows format the disk. When I then bring the flash into QNX and run fdisk and change the format to QNX 77 the partition is saved and will show up as hd10t77.

Hello Eric,
Most likely this problem is related to the specific device you are using.
I tried fdisk with the Imation iCON USB stick and everything works as expected.

USB flash devices don’t necessarily have to have a partition table.
Try something like

dinit -hp /dev/hd10
mount /dev/hd10 /test

reboot and mount again.