Importing Linux-driver to QNX


I’m a newbie at QNX, but my company is propably taking a project under away which includes importing working PCI104 CAN-card Linux-drivers to QNX.

Is this even possible and any guesses how much work must be done. Those drivers are quite complicated and include quite alot code.

And some info about tools and software what are needed to make this project even possible. And are those free or do we have to buy some SW.

regards Juha-Matti

There is no tool for such a job, have to be done by hand.

There are some CAN driver for QNX. Do a search on this site there are numerous references to them.

Are you porting to QNX2, QNX4, or QNX6? These days it’s somewhat unusual to port to earlier QNX versions.

I wrote a Honeywell SDS-CAN driver for QNX4 about ten years ago. It wasn’t all that difficult.

Layer 3&4 isn’t that bad, but some people refer to CAN when they actually mean devicenet which goes right up to layer 7, and is considerably more complex…

JUKO, please consider:



This driver is for real CAN-traffic, not for higer level protocol. I think we have to skip this project since the schedule would be quite insane (only month to make things happen).

But thanks for answers, and nice to see that there are some sollutions allready on a market.

JUKO, this depends on the workforce you have available and on the funds of course. There are protocol stacks commercially available includung C source code that usually port quite easily to QNX, and the aforementioned CAN driver has a generic pathname interface. One month should be sufficient to make this work, unless there are lots of other things to do which are not discussed here. We did also a CANopen stack under QNX6 in a custom engineering project, maybe this can be adopted to your needs. As I said, it all depends on funds.


My workforce is really limited and so are other recourses. It’s better to leave that project alone or some other company do it. Than gamble with fines, when project is late. But thanks for ideas and help anyway.

I hope we will get a anotherd QNX/RTOS-project someday, the enviroment looked quite facinating.