changing the default max priorities number

i’m a newby to QNX and i tend to deal with scheduling stuff at my msc thesis.
So for the moment i’m exploring qnx’s source. One thing that i’d like to do is to change the default 256 range of priorities to less. There’s no purpose on this but to get familiar with the OS. At the moment i noticed the NUM_PRI at the macros.h file which tried to change it to less than 256, but with no luck. So how can the alter of priority range? And where the OS sets priority at each thread creation?


What number did you change it to? It has to be a power of 8

Can I suggest though that you post to the the os project forums (see if you need help with understanding the source.

once i changed it to 1, still a power of 8 i guess, but using pidin it kept running kernel threads in 255 priority, do i miss something? Is this the only spot in the source that affects the priorities range? i’ll check also the link.


any clue to add guys ?

did you do a clean make?

Note, 1 priority is NOT going to work