Hi all

My Name is Juan Manuel, I’m from Argentina, Im not new here as user of openqnx, my first logging was 4 years ago, but never try the forum until now… Glad to see how it works…
Four years ago I was very timid and young to forums, but I grow up… :slight_smile: I’m studying low level languages (C & Assembly) and system architectures, and I consider QNX a great platform to do it, I always count with it when I need.
I have at home 4 machines, 1 with linux/windows, 1 powerbook g3 (mac), 1 64 bits pc with vista and a Compact laptop with QNX Neutrino on it, and all of them works together healthy as the first day.
Hope we see us regularly here, cheers to everyone! :wink:

Hi Juan,

Are you aware of Foundry 27 (the open source site for QNX)? There are also many useful forums there as well (it is a complement to openqnx, not a replacement :slight_smile:

Hola , pasaba por aca y vi un argentino en el forum, nos vemos… Guille.- tambien de AR

I am newcomer in QNX , I would like to know How can I to get and to install a example QNX

Whrere can I to find tutorial ?

Thank you in advance :blush: :cry:

Visit QNX Download Center