PtMultiText maxtext


There is a possibility of setting the max parameter which prevent
of entering more chars if reached. But is there any way of setting the
Ptmultitext to keep only the n last entered chars?
you know… console like 8)
or do we need to do it manually? :confused:

Do you mean if the user enters 200 chars, keep only the last 100 they entered?

If all else fails, you can write your own widget.

yes exactly - how can I do it?

I believe that there is a call back for when the data is modified. You would need a routine to check each time, and if necessary update the field.

Another approach would be to get the source and modify the widget code, either creating your own widget, or by just adding functionality to the current widget. That is you could have an on/off switch to do what you want, using the existing max chars variable.