Problems with QNX or to stupid?

I’m new to QNX and have a difficult problem or maybe not.
I am using a QNX Host on a x86 Plattform and a Windows XP Host system.
When connecting the Momentics IDE with the Hostsystem (qconn) the “Hello World” Programm is running in the IDE.

But when i starting the programm in the shell on my QNX Host, i getting this error message. “Memory fault (core dumped)”.

I hope anybody knows this problem and can help me.



Hello Carsten,
It is somewhat unusual to have two hosts…
Perhaps your QNX box should be called “targetâ€

Does the IDE have a arguments that are pre-defined, which you are not entering on the command line? Checking for argv[i][0] when it doesn’t exists will usually cause a Memory fault.