in qnx do we have anything like <linux/netlink.h>

I am very new to qnx. I am using qnx 6.3.2. My program contains the following header files in linux,

  1. <linux/netlink.h>
  2. <linux/rtnetlink.h>
    Can anyone please tell me what are the corresponding header files present in qnx .

Thanks in advance,

Don’t know,

I suggest you comment them out and check what is missing ( prototypes, symbol ) and start from there.

If it is related to NETLINK --communication between Linux kernel and user a straightforward porting to QNX will not work.

I tried by commenting those lines but still not working.Can you suggest some other idea.

The only thing to do is understand what the Linux driver want to achieve and then find the equivalent under QNX and modify the driver accordingly. Linux driver are NOT source compatible with QNX.

Mario, I don’t see where priya says that this is a driver. Your comment about finding the equivalent is still valid however.

This also seems to me to highlight a cultural difference that I think is generational in nature. 20 years ago if someone gave you some unix code, I would be skeptical about being able to port it. GNU and open source have changed that someone, but today programmers seem to be skeptical of writing something new.