why qnx6 doesn't recognize dos or fat32 disk?

I try to fdisk my cf card to type4(dos) or type11(fat32),but it can’t find valid path under fs,only with one invalid icon,it’s strange that if I use type79 i can find it.

Have you reboot between doing the fdisk?

Hello Xuyong,
I am not sure I understand your problem.
Is it

  1. dos partition is not created
    (ls /dev/hd* does not show the partition)
  2. The partition is created but it is not mounted later


By the way, even if you create a new partition with fdisk there is no valid filesystem on that partition. Under QNX there is no way to format a FAT partition.

So if the DOS partition is created and not mounted later that is normal.

Yes, the partition need to be formated and it cannot be done from QNX6.

Well it is possible to format FAT32 under QNX, but there is no utility to do it. A cheat we used to do with floppies is to format a blank disk with Windows, and see how many sectors are modified. Then copy these sectors to a file. Finally, when you want to format a disk, just copy the file to the partition. This method depends on the disk not changing in size, which is true of floppies.

Actually, there is a utility called mkdosfs, check Utilities Refernce.
The mkdosfs utility formats a DOS filesystem on the specified target (typically a disk device or partition).

didn’t know about it, thanks!

mkdosfs can format,but I need dinit -f to make os buildimage to the disk.Is it possible?

The dinit is for QNX filesystem, not DOS filesystem. Dinit and mkdosfs are mutually exclusive. What are you trying to achieve?

I want to make one cf card that can boot by my buildfile(with qnx os) ,but I try to make the cf card to
dos filesystem that I can read it in windows,Is it possible?

I dont think thats possible. However you might create two partitions one for QNX ( type 79 ) and one for DOS.