Acronis TrueImage Linux Remote Agent on QNX?

I’m new with QNX but I want to try bringing the Acronis TrueImage Linux Remote Agent to QNX V6.3.2.
The Acronis SW consists of some RPM packages. I tried to install RPM on QNX to be able to install the rpm packages, but I have trouble with the configure mechanism of the RPM sources by itself. I installed the mandatory “popt” (V1.14) SW on QNX, but the rpm configure says “the popt library could not be found” → popt is installed at /usr/local/lib.

I don’t know, but

  • is there an easy way to install rpm packages on QNX?
  • have someone experience with rpm packages installing on QNX?
  • is there another way to get the Acronis SW (Linux Remote Agent) running on QNX?

Perhaps I’m on a completely wrong way…

To Notice: I’m in contact with Acronis HelpDesk, but I got the answer that it is not planed to bring the SW to QNX. Acronis True Image is a SW to make complete hard disk images. That Acronis remote agent does not have any UI. It’s running as a backround process, waiting for getting backup/restore task from the Acronis Management Console running on a Windows PC within the local network.

Thank you for any help I can get!

I dont know where you got the impression that QNX could run Linux software but that is not possible. To some degree QNX is source compatible with Linux but its not binary compatible.

Thank you for the fast answer, mario.
I thought within the RPM packages are the sources and makefiles to compile and link the sources.
I used a RPM browser to see what is in the RPM packages. For one module are the sources within, but the most parts are binary files.
So, you are fully right, there is no chance to do it.