Build file: tinit process stop after photon exits

Hi everyone,

Still new to writing the build file in QNX 6.3.2. Seeking for some experts here.

ttys config {
con1 “/bin/login” qansi-m on
con2 “/bin/login” qansi-m on
con3 “/bin/login” qansi-m on
con4 “/bin/login” qansi-m on

I wrote a build file starting tinit process. When booted up, the tinit process works nicely from pure shell terminal point of view, with login in each shell. When I access Photon and then exits (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Backspace), it goes back to shell terminal, but the tinit seems stop working. I don’t see the login working for the rest of the shell. It seems the tinit has stop.

Any idea what might be the problem here?

Not sure what your problem actually is. tinit works such that it spawns the specified program (here: /bin/login) on the specified console(s) and then simply sits there doing nothing until that program terminates. In case of login: A successful login spawns a shell which you can work with. login terminates only when that shell exists (using exit or logout) Once this happend, tinit starts login again. This is all it does. So when you type “ph” on the shell after login, work with Photon and exit Photon again, you should again see the shell prompt, NOT a login. This happens ONLY after logout (see above)