He`s gone

I was surprise to hear that Thomas Fletcher has left QNX. Thats a lost to the community as far as Im concerned because he was one of the few QNX staffer that participated ( maybe it still will ) in the community.

Good luck Thomas and thanks for listening :wink:

Ah … but will he be forgotten? That is really the question.

I’m actually not that far away from QNX … a new company Crank Software
(www.cranksoftware.com) and we’re certainly going to continue to be
involved with QNX as we expand our own product and services.

I’m also still hanging out in the various forums (both OpenQNX and Foundry27)
so there will be no shortage of advice I’m still willing to give out (whether it is
wanted or not =;-) on topics that are of interest to me.

Thanks for all the interesting conversations over the years … I hope to be able
to continue the customer/developer back and forth in my new role at Crank.


Yes you will :wink: Everybody is, that is the nature of the universe.
I don’t hear much about : Steve McPolin, Pete Paterson, etc, '-)