pppd 2.4?

Has pppd 2.4 been ported yet to QNX6 (x86)?

6.1 and 6.2 seem to ship with 2.3.11, even though 6.2 release notes claim pppd has been improved!

We’re having occasional problems with a Win2k ‘dial-in’ (simple serial coms affair, not over modem) when the pppd on QNX never replies, and suspect pppd.


Thanks to the open source movement a few years ago when QNX6 was first released, QSS released some source code at cvs.qnx.com . Though neither additions nor updates have been made since, pppd 2.3.x is there :slight_smile:

I suggest you checkout that code, compare with the stock pppd 2.3.x and find out the changes. You can then merge them into the pppd 2.4 and hola !

2.4 is in next release (6.3), I think it is 2.4.1 but don’t quote me on that :slight_smile:

I don’t think version number have anything to do with “pppd never replies”.
Are you sure datas are get into the pppd ? If you run a “qtalk” on the QNX side,
does it sees win2k’s sending characters ? Does “pppd logfd 2 nodetach debug” share any light?
Does “cat /dev/socket/pppmgr” show any bytes being transfered/received ?