Some troubles with Radeon X1050 and 2 monitors

(sorry for my poor English…)

I need use 4 monitors in one PC. Qnx 6.3.2.
For first time,i decided use one videocard and 2 monitors (for some training).
Well, after read documentation provided on qnx site, i do same steps for configure my videocard.
video card: x1050 radeon, vid=0x1002, did=0x5b60, did=0x5b70 (secondary),
2 wide tft monitrors with res 1680*1050.

first of all, i did crttrap clear, crttrap trap…
after that i was modified my radeon.conf file like this:


devices = radeon

dllpath = /lib/dll/
pci_vendor_id = 0x1002
pci_device_id = 0x5b63
pci_index = 0
displays = 2
photon =
plugins = photon

region_x = 0
xres = 1680
yres = 1050
bitpp = 32
refresh = 60

xres = 1680
yres = 1050
bitpp = 32
refresh = 60
region_x = 1680

dllpath = /lib/dll/

then i modified graphics-modes, where in first line i was insert such string:
io-graphics -c /usr/photon/config/radeon.conf

Well, i kill photon, went to console, then typed ph…

VGA works, DVI don’t works… and VGA picture is not clear, not qualitied…

if i changing card to X550, DVI and VGA works both and display what i want, but - VGA picture still not stable…
“pci” show, that secondary card not conected, int not set …

i try use original from 6.3.2 and from patch 171… same effects…
so i was find information about graphics patch 0400. does anybody have it? if have, can share with me?

And who was have deal with such situation. like this?

Hello Fregl,
Note that QNX® Momentics® Supported Hardware Database at
does not mention
pci_device_id = 0x5b63

This does not mean that this device will never work. It may…
Still it is best to use a supported device.


i know about.
but i need use two x1050 on one PC.
now i still can’t properly configure my driver for stable and good working in multihead configuration.

well, guess , i need know how configure frequency for VGA output in for wide resolution. 1680*1050. Who know how such parapeters calculate in crtr-config file?