name resolution order

Is there a way to make it check /etc/hosts BEFORE trying dns? Every other *nix variant I’ve used checks /etc/hosts first. I think I tried nsswitch.conf once, but it had no effect.

The problem is printcap requires host names (ip’s don’t work) and if a wan link to a dns server is down, it takes several minutes per page to print.

Try including
lookup file bind
into /etc/resolv.conf

It is deprecated in QNX 6.3
It may work in QNX 4.

The graphical network configuration tool has a checkbox ‘Look in local hosts file first’…

Check documentation for utility “netmanager”, tells you everything.


The /etc/resolv.conf still exist in 6.3, but the CS_RESOLVE string comes in first (getconf CS_RESOLVE). netmanager will set CS_RESOLVE, as well as dhcp.client (-m option).

If CS_RESOLVE is not set, then the /etc/resolv.conf is consultant.

Sorry for not expressing myself properly.
/etc/resolv.conf is not deprecated in QNX 6.3.
“lookup file bindâ€

“lookup file bind” works. Thanks! (I forgot to mention I’m using 4.25)