how to port from windows xp embedded to qnx

plz let me know how to port from windows xp embedded to qnx.


What do you want to port? Drivers (Kernel / User mode??), Services, GUI programs? Are they written using native Win32 API, or are parts written in standard C/C++ APIs? Your question is too general to be answered satisfactory.


Hello Muthu,
There is no straightforward and universal way to port an application from Windows XP Embedded to QNX. In the worst case you will have to rewrite (parts of) your application, especially GUI.

how to port in Driver(Kernel / User mode) services and let me get any document if u have plz.

If you are porting drivers, you will need to become familiar with the QNX architecture, especially message passing and resource managers. This is available in the documentation. Unlike XP, drivers run separately from the kernel. While this may seem a little strange, it is very elegant, and makes debugging relatively easy.

how to port in networking and application related services.

I’d suggest two things. First, read the QNX System Architecture book carefully and fully understand what’s in it. Then, to become familiar with the platform, attend a couple of QNX training sessions on programming in QNX and writing device drivers.