Eclipse 2.1.1 and CDT 1.2 full don't work correct


I am using QNX 6.2 non commercial for a week.

Now i am trying to install Eclipse 2.1.1 and CDT but it don’t work correctly.

If i want create a C/C++ project, then there missing some items in the menu for example

QNX Photon Appbuilder Project
QNX C Application Project

There are only the items “Standard Make C/C++ Project” and “Managed Make C/C++ Project”.

The same problem i got, if i use the package (eclipse) from “” and “org.eclipse.cdt-qnx.photon_1.1.0.bin.dist”.

Any ideas to solve this problem?

Information about the environment:
QNX 6.2 NC
Eclipse: /opt/share/eclipse
J9: /opt/share/ive

Regards, Manuel.

I am pretty sure you are seeing the correct behavior. I have PE here at work, but at home I have NC, and the “QNX …” type entries, are only available with the commercial package AFAIK.

Correct - our additions to the Eclipse CDT are part of the commerical product. You can get an evaluation of the PE edition if you contact your sales rep.


thanks for help. I thought, there is an option to use this feature under a non commercial version of qnx.

What a pity!

Regards, Manuel.

You can use the CDT just fine on QNX without our extensions. It works great.


is it possible, to edit Callback Code from PhAp?

I want to design the surface with PhAp und look for a good editor to edit the source. Actually i use workspace combined with PhAp.

Regards, Manuel.

I use vim, in 3rd party CD. I like it, it has a “Visual Mode” (to use
the mouse), syntax highlighting and all the advantages of a vi editor too.


I have installed vim too, but there have been some problems. Is there a possible to start gvim (GUI version of vim) with syntax highlighting for c++ and “line numbering”?
I didn’t found some command line arguments to do that.

By the way … workspace is also a very good code editor with syntax highlighting.

Regards, Manuel.

First, take care you have Vim 6.1 installed.

Type gvim. Ok, at the beginning you dont have such things but it is quite
In Edit + File Setting + Toggle Line Numbering you have “line numbering”.
(:set nu!)
You can go to a line automatically typing ESC+line numer + G.

You can have syntax highlighting with Syntax + Automatic menu (:syntax on). After that, in the syntax menu you can choose the syntax type,
of course you have C++.
In Edit + Color squeme you have use the color squeme you like most.

If you want to start with vim, take a look at the page:

You have quick reference cards in many languages. They are great to
have one in front of you to use vim.

I find workspace a great editor too, but I prefer vim. Dont take my opinion
as an opinion of a QNX master ( I am almost a newbie in QNX). All depend
if you like “vi editors”.

I hope it helps


That’s the cause why i don’t use vim. I have tried to start gvim with line numbering and syntax highlighting, but i have not managed it.

Workspace is my favorite, but is seems impossible to highlight numbers (except hexadecimal numbers and floating-point numbers).

Thanks for help.

Regards, Manuel.

Workspace support syntax hilighting of any regular and extended expression you provide.

Added one for numbers in Preferences->Editor->Highlighting->Specials


P.S. Vim sucks for someone who does not know all the key combinations. Vim is as good as your knowlegde of it.


I know. :slight_smile:

This wasn’t the problem. Try to find a regular expression to find numbers without [.eEx]. It seems with the possibilities of this editor impossible. :slight_smile:

Regards, Manuel.

I am using QNX (n.c.) in combination with eclipse/CDT (see under , using eclipse as editor for my C/C++ sources including callbacks (import Your project directory as ‘filesystem’) . Much better than ped (e.g.)
That’s all I achieved until now. I did not yet find out how to build and debug my PhaB generated project from eclipse (lauch error) - any ideas???