running CORBA (TAO) based applications through momentics.


We have built a TAO based CORBA server code in momentics (installed on windows). Prior to that we had built TAO and ACE on QNX and copied the resulting libraries to the windows machine. We then built the corba server by pointing the linker settings in momentics to point to the TAO and the ACE libraries.

We executed the tao_idl compiler on the idl file and built the code using the files generated by this tool.

The problem is when the momentics environment deploys the executable on to QNX for execution the server crashes.

We have created a make file by modifying the make file of a chat program available on the internet. When we built the code on QNX using this make file the program runs successfully.

Can any one please let us know how to build and execute CORBA applications in momentics (installed on windows)?

Any help would be greately appreciated.

I have attached the source code of the corba server, the make file used (GNUmakefile.chat_client) and the build output of momentics (build_output.txt).