download wireshark for qnx

can anyone tell me where from i can download wireshark for qnx o.s

thanks in advance

As far as I know that is no such thing.

can you please tell me is there any network analyzer for qnx 6 and how can i download it?
Thnks in advance

tcpdump is shipped with QNX 6.3.x. debjyoti, you can try to generate capture-file in QNX with tcpdump and open it in windows or linux with wireshark. It may works…
From other hand, why do you really need to have such network sniffer for QNX?

i want to examine all the packets coming and going through my network interface card. please advice me.

Use another PC with windows/linux and wireshark ;-) Then you need to use a HUB instead of a switch, or if your switch is fancy enough it may have port monitoring.

to debjyoti. mario already told what I wanted to recommend. This was a background of may question. :slight_smile:
If you can’t find Ethernet hub (it’s actually may become a problem now), you can try to run QNX in MS Virtual PC/VmWare Player and listen with wireshark network interface of host PC (window or linux). Of cause this idea is not useful if you want listen target system of another CPU architecture. :slight_smile:

or make

The current stable release of Wireshark is 1.2.2. It supersedes all previous releases, including all releases of Ethereal. You can also download the latest development release (1.3.0) and documentation from Wireshark’s official site.

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