sendmail 8.14 on QNX 6.3.0

I’ve been upgrading some software, and I downloaded sendmail 8.14 using pkgsrc and compiled it successfully. The latest (for me) versions of sendmail have abstracted their configuration one more level in that you create two small but obscure and files which are run through m4 to become and BTW, the pkgsrc version of m4 comes out only as gm4, so you need to create your own gm4->m4 link. A small annoyance is that the QNX configuration points to /usr/spool instead of /var/spool but that was easily fixed. I installed and spent quite a bit of time getting all the permissions that sendmail now wants on /var/spool/mqueue and /var/spool/clientmqueue. I also spent lots of time on all the other related files access, local-host-names, and aliases.

After starting the daemon and running sendmail locally to send an email I always get the same error/problem. A message saying, the RELAY to [] was interrupted and the send delayed.

If I telnet to localhost:25 the connection always gets rejected.

Nothing like this happens with the previous version. I’m not getting any errors when starting the daemon in verbose debugging mode, and syslog is empty too.

Anyone gotten this to work.

BTW: I’m using 6.3.0 only because 6.3.2 will not boot on my Dell server. Very strange, I don’t get “Press Space Bar for other Options” message. This is consistent with booting off of the CD and/or installing a new .boot file, so there must be something off in the boot file.

…6.3.2 will not boot on my Dell server

Hello Maschoen,
Are you using current 6.3.2 available on QNX site?