DOC 2000 QNX

Good evening I have a qnx application on a DOC 2000 (disk on Chip), I don’t have the fount cod cold you please tell me how can I reed the doc 2000 so that I can copy the application for another doc 2000 because the doc 2000 have a limit read and write cycle and I want to format this disk, this disk is on a board that run with the doc 2000 as hard disk, this board is able to connect drive diskette and cdrom, is there a way to get on a type of command line with a start up diskette so that I can try to copy the application that is on the doc 2000 to a diskette ,because this disk are discontinued production.

Thank you very much for the time you have wasted reading my problem.

You need to put the driver on the floppy ( I think it was called Fsys.doc ) start it, mount the disk and start copying.

By the way DOC or any flash disk for that matter do not have a limit on read, just on erase cycle.

Did you know that they are not making any diskonchip anymore. This product is now obsolete and the company have suggested to use the cf card has a replacement.

The good thing about the cf card is

  1. you don’t need driver
  2. You don’t need to match driver with firmware.
  3. 16 Gigs is now available on CF card
  4. All embeded market now support the CF card.
  5. Compact Flash duplicator also available.

Ye I am test a disk called “dhom” he works on ide connector but i have to get the application that are in qnx from a doc 2000 to the ne disk I don’t no very as is called i am still waiting for the first to test it but is a little late the delivery date.
Could you tell me how the cf card works I can it connected to a mother board pcm 9340 from Advantech.

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Basicaly the Cf Card worked like a hard drive. Some motherboard may support the CF card already and you may also need to add an additionnal card which will be pluged directly to the IDE port.

If you are using PC104 board or ebx , there is several cf card board addons available.

The only thing that you will need to change is your bootloader (.boot) , replace the Doc2000 driver by fsys.eide and rebuild the image file.

All the other stuff should be the same.

To save the file , just connect an hardrive and your doc2000 and manually mount the doc2000 chip. Archives the whole thing and move it to the hardrive.