writing operations in QNX 4.25


i’m new to QNX and need some help. how that i’m gonna track writing operations in diskonchip memory?is there any log transactions / statistic / foolproof that i can check through? or is there any specific command that i can use to check it?

as i know “df” command is use to check available memory left.

anyone can help me?


There is fsysinfo. Is that what you are looking for?

hi mario,

thanks for your info. i tried to use fsysinfo command but i didn’t get the expected result. as i know the syntax is :

fysinfo [-b] [-d secs] [-r] [file]

options :

base the counts from the time fsysinfo starts (useful only with -d)
[color=blue]what does it mean?

-d secs
update the fullscreen display every secs seconds. To exit the display, you press Ctrl -C
[color=blue]what does it mean?

Reset Fsys’s internal counters. To use this option, you must be logged in as root
[color=blue]what does it mean?

display statistics for the filesystem containing this file (default is the filesystem which contains the current working directory)
[color=blue]what does it mean?

can you explain to me how is the correct way to use fsysinfo command? can you give me some example?


hi all,

i try to use chkfsys command by typing :

chkfsys -f /dev/hd0t77

and get below result :

                       Directories        Files          Extents         Blocks

Available 125152/disk
Total 56/disk 635/disk 691/disk 30152/disk
Maximums 187/dir 3/file 968/file
Average 11/dir 1/file 47/file

384 block(s) recoverable - previously marked in the bitmap :frowning:passed)

hardly can’t understand the output…pls help…

thank you.

Which part of this do you not understand? The statistics or the “recoverable” blocks. If you power down your system with files open for write, the file system can lose track of usable sectors. Chkfsys finds them and makes them available again.