QNX Driver for PCI Card Class -- Bridge (Other)

hi all,

I am writing a driver for a General Purpose PCI based FPGA Card with PLX9054 as a PCI-IO bridge.
Since QNX doesn’t support complete initialization of bridges with Subclass OTHER, I had to modify the pci-bios to force
allocate resources for the Card. Now I am able to map the pci configuration space and pci local space (1Mb) using "
mmap_device_memory" method.
However, whenever i try to read from the pci local space, the output is always 0xffffffff. I am also unable to write to
these locations.
I am attaching the details of the pci card as reported by the pci -vvv utility.
Can anyone please help me resolve this issue.


Have u enabled appropriate bits(Memory access bits) in the command register?