I just download QNX version of mysql 5.0.51a from
can someone help me install and setup the db?
I have also installed Connector/ODBC 5.1 on windows so that I can connect to mysql database on QNX once mysql is installed. Is that possible?


I’m assuming that you’ve compiled and installed the software. If you run mysql_config, the database files will be set up for you. You can then run “mysql -uadmin” to create users, databases, and grant permissions. I you don’t have the documentation, you can download and print it, or use the on-line version.

Is what possible? Using Connector/ODBC 5.1 to communicate with MySQL on QNX? If it works elsewhere, there should be no problem.

I would like to install ODBC driver in QNX and connect it to MSSQL db in windows, can someone tell me how this can be done? I find this ODBTP but can’t seem to compile and install it on QNX easily.

I’m planning to use MYSQL with Neutrino for a manifest workstation. Anyone can give me any feedback? Is it fast?

Any tools to manage and clean the database? I’m planning the delete records that will be 1 -3 months old to keep the database size small. With access if you don’t clean the database the size will get bigger even if you have deleted the record.

We will be using a process that will get data from TCP and write localy to database. We would like to write at least 20-30 record per minute on a peak time.

I’ve used the “free” version. There is also an “Enterprise” version that you buy licenses for. I don’t know how that works. You would need the source for QNX unless they happen to support it, unlikely. I would think that the enterprise version would be faster, but I don’t know how much faster.

Fast compared to what? Another SQL database? Probably. I was a little surprised when I compared it to a Btree database I wrote. MySQL was 8 times slower. Now I didn’t tune it at all, but even so that seems like a lot of overhead to get SQL. I would have thought that most of that overhead would be CPU, which shouldn’t make much difference.

I can’t imagine that you would have a problem at that rate, unless by a record you mean an update that modifies multiple large tables. By large I mean in width, not the number of records.

I made a mistake on my statement.

I mean
20-30 records per second

The information will come from machine that sort mail for the USPS and the firmsheet workstation will using embedded component with CF Card.

Btree database. That sound interesting. Is it running under Neutrino ?

Could you run a test with Btree and let me know how many string of 35 caracters that you can insert in a second?

Ok, within a day or so.

Any particular key length you are interested in?

So first a little explanation is in order. There are two different products I tested with. The first was originally a rewrite of QNX2 code for QNX4. This code was ported rather directly over to QNX 6. It has the option of either pre-creating an empty file, or adding to it as you go. This product has much testing behind it, and is very reliable. A few years ago I tried rewriting it from scratch to take advantage of QNX 6 features, such as threads and generally greater amounts of memory. This product was also built to be more robust. When adding to a file, or updating an index, if the I/O is interrupted, all indexes should remain sane, although index and/or record blocks could become orphaned. I was starting to work on an auto-recover scheme where a utility could recover these orphanes while the database continued working. This work was interrupted, and the database has not been tested as fully as the older version, but it has worked quite well so far.

The test consists of initializing a database either with 100 records or 1000,000, and then loading 1000,000 random 35 byte records. I used a 16 byte random key. Here are the times and rates.

Old version
Using a non-prebuilt file 346 seconds or 2800/sec
Using a pre-built file
File build 26 seconds
File update 357 seconds or 2890/sec

New version
Using a non-prebuilt file 320 seconds or 3125/sec
Using a pre-built file
File build time 1.6 seconds
File update 204 seconds or 4900/sec.

This is just testing adds. Let me know if you are interested in any other tests.

The hardware this was performed on is a Quad PIV processor server with 4 1.4Ghz Intel Xeon, using an Adaptec controller built into the motherboard connected to a SCSI drive.

That is really impressive. We will be using a different hardware and the speed will be lower.

How do we test your program on my hardware?

Here are the options

  1. We could send you our controller box with a cf card to benchmark your DB.
  2. You send us your application to benchmark again our hardware.

Check your email.

I will be happy to send you the application software to test. Please send me an email to send it to quickly as I will be out of town from Wednesday to Wednesday.

i am new to QNX
i currently have a microsoft access database, but i want to switch to a mysql database running in QNX RTOS
can someone please tell me the feasibility of this project?
and if someone has the background, can they help me with this?

MySQL works very nicely under QNX6. There are a few ways to get and install it. There is an older pre-compiled version on the 6.2.1 free stuff CD. You can download the latest and compile it yourself. This could be a good learning experience if you are new to QNX. You also could use pkgsrc to build it. Since I have that project already built, I can also send it to you.

I don’t know anything about access, but if you are already using an SQL interface, there should be little or no changes to that part of your software once you get MySQL up and running. I can’t think of a reason that it wouldn’t be feasible. I’ve found the on-line documentation on MySQL excellent. If you have questions you can ask here.

If you are specifically looking for some contract help, and your deadlines are flexible, I can probably help.

thank you for your reply.
from what you said it would probably be best if i migrate my Access database to MySQL first and then after that integrate the MySQL database into QNX6
let me first work on migrating my Access database to MySQL
after i finish that I’ll be in touch again and ask for your advice about integrating it with QNX6!
thanks again!

Thanks Jinma for making this post, i was looking for this information, i tried a lot on my own but of no avail, then i looked up this website and vola !, a lot coding questions are solved here it really helps me in being employed :slight_smile:

i downloaded the binary distribution of MySQL community server, but i am having trouble getting it up and running on QNX
can someone point me towards a guide? or give me some instructions…
thanks :slight_smile:

I can’t recall anything specific to QNX that is different.

follow the documentation on section “2.8. Installing MySQL from tar.gz Packages on Other Unix-Like Systems”, and also at least for me, the mysql_install_db script didn’t work with my qnx so I modified the file, can’t remember exactly what I did right now but it has something do to with checking the environment variable that doesn’t exist in QNX. I’ll post my modified script for you in case.