Missing Operating System after Install

I have purchased a new 80 GB HD for my Dell Instpiron 5000.
Booting from CD 6.2.1A works quite well. I have created a 5 GB partition for QNX and instructed the Installer to use the QNX bootloader. The installer copies several files to the HD and everything looks quite well. Then the installer says “remove CD and reboot”. If I do so, I get get a prompt to select the partition to boot (looks ok until now). But if I try partition 1 or 2 I get “missing OS”, if I try partition 3 or 4 I get “Disk Error”.
Using the old type bootloader didn’t work also (can’t work it’s a 80GB HDD). There is no difference if I instruct the installer to install the OS below 8GB. It simply installs the basic setup without errors but can’t find the OS during boot ???
Any Idea?

boot from the CD and select run QNX from the CD. then run the following command and post back the result:

fdisk /dev/hd0 info
fdisk /dev/hd0 show

I have tried grub, this works quite well.
He is the info you have requested:

fdisk /dev/hd0 info

Physical disk characteristics: (/dev/hd0)
Disk type : Direct Access (0)
Cylinders : 10337
Heads : 240
Sectors/Track : 63
Total Sectors : 156301488

Warning: total sectors field does not agree with
cylinderssectors/trackheads!! (156301488 vs 156295440)

Partition table information:
0: (79) beg(h=1,s=1,c=0) end(h=239,s=191,c=134) off=63, size=9782577
1: (77) beg(h=0,s=129,c=97) end(h=254,s=255,c=23) off=9783585, size=2939895
2: (11) beg(h=0,s=193,c=24) end(h=254,s=255,c=255) off=12723480, size=38861235
3: (15) beg(h=254,s=255,c=255) end(h=254,s=255,c=255) off=51584715, size=104695605
signature1=0x55, signature2=0xAA

fdisk /dev/hd0 show

OS Start End Number Size Boot
name type Cylinder Cylinder Cylinders Blocks

  1. QNZ 79 0 646 646 9782577 4776 MB *
  2. QNX 77 647 840 193 2939895 1435 MB
  3. FAT32 11 841 3410 2569 38861235 18975 MB
  4. Extd’d 15 3411 10335 6924 104695605 51120 MB

you partition looks ok to me.
are you saying you can boot qnx fine with grub? if so, that confirms that your QNX partition/installation is good. It must be you installed the wrong qnx loader.
anyway, I am glad you got it working now, though not using qnx loader.