How to change the MAC address of NIC?

I have a Mesa Electronics 4i29 PC/104 ethernet card and I need to change the MAC address, because this network NEEDS that NIC have the same address (0080BFB0C453).
Recently I change this NIC and the actual had 00601B011260 address.

Somebody knows how to change this?

Please, I need so much.

Thank you. Best regards.


Hello Emersondelima,
Please provide -m mac option to your network driver.

-m mac : Specify MAC address. Use this option only if you know what you’re doing!

Check description of any network driver, such as Net.tulip

Not all drivers support -m.

What is the specifical line command for -m mac : Specify MAC address.?

This is a driver option, for example with the ne2k driver:

io-net -d ne2000 mac=00ababcdcd01
for starting io-net and right away starting the driver for the NIC
mount -T io-net -o mac=12345678
for activating the driver while io-net is already running.

You need to unmount the NIC (assumed it is already in use) before manually overriding your mac (i think)
ifconfig en0 down
umount /dev/io-net/en0
mount -T io-net -o mac=15852539

For more help → Documentation @ io-net

Micro this is a QNX4 forum ;-)

That would be -m00ababcdcd01

erks ^^ ok, listen to mario :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is this btw. an undocumented feature, the only -m i found was for memory segment @ Utilities Reference – N to Z ^^

On some driver its documented on other its not.

Thank you for all answers. I resolved changing the software.