Hardware Inventory

I inherited an old Centigram voicemail system. Does anyone know how to get a list of all installed hardware without cracking the case open?

Hello Fouttyw,
Is this system QNX 6 based?
If so, type

pci -vvv
pidin info


I have some familiarity with Centigram. What do you mean a list of installed hardware? I believe that the boards were 4 port Dialogic’s, and if you happen to have a fax option, it would be with a slightly non-standard Brook Trout board. The drive is either EIDE or it could be an 8 bit SCSI drive connected to an adaptec 1542 card. Depending on the unit, the motherboard might have been a multi-slot ISA backplane. I don’t think they ever progressed far beyond QNX 2.

Does that help? I mostly worked with an alternate product they called a Gateway. The hardware was similar, but it wasn’t just a voicemail system. If push comes to shove, I have a retired friend who worked there who will probably know if there is anyone around still supporting these.

Feel free to send email direct to maschoen@pobox.com