Fsys.atapi problem

I’m use Advantech PCA-6187 Pentium-4 CPU-Card with Intel 82801 EB Controller and I need to support HD and CD drives with Fsys.atapi driver.

CD drive connected to the first IDE Port and looks like Master at the first IDE Port.

Serial ATA Hard Disk connected to the first SATA Port and looks like Master at the second IDE Port.

In BIOS On-Chip Serial ATA setting is [AUTO].


Fsys.atapi atapi ioport=0x1f0,irq=14,master=atapi

support CD drive properly.

Fsys.atapi atapi ioport=0x170,irq=15 - hangs computer.

I can work with HD only with Fsys.eide driver.

Hello Lhait,
It is worth while trying an experimental version posted at

community.qnx.com/sf/discussion/ … t.topc3390


What we do is run Fsys.atapi in the .boot image
and start Fsys.eide in the sysinit

sata disk drive on first controller cd on second controller

in boot image Fsys.atapi atapi ioport=0x01f0,irq=14

in sysinit Fsys.eide eide -a 170 -i 15

Thanks to ianc. I was correcting my mistake with irq number.

You can try to support CD with Fsys.atapi too

Fsys.atapi atapi ioport=0x170,irq=15,master=atapi

But I remain with problem of support of the hard disk with Fsys.atapi