Kontron ETX-CD L7400 boot problem QNX 6.2.0 / 6.3.x

The pci-bios server hangs up on Kontron ETX-CD L7400 Core 2 Duo Mobile (1.5GHz, 667FSB, 4MB L2) board. Any solutions or updated pci-bios server?


I’m having problem with it too. I ended up doing some change to pci-bios which go us going, but now the motherboard has change revision and it’s hanging up again.

Curiously QNX4 never has a problem with it. It seems QNX6 pci-bios is trying to be smarter about some stuff, and in the process become more sensitive.

I’m thinking about doing a dummy pci-bios, one that more closely match what QNX4 does.

If you go on foundry in the BSP section I thing an experimental version of pci-bios was posted.

I have the same problem too on ETX-PM3 (Pentium M 1.5GHz) Kontron board. I didn’t find experimental pci-bios on foundry.
Anybody have found a solution ?