QNX 6.3 Installation

Instead of getting the Press F2 or F3 to run from Live CD or Install thing when I boot from the QNX install cd, I get the “No QNX 6.1 or above filesystems to mount” error. Why is this happening? It works fine on another computer I have, but not my desktop.

Is this by any chance a serial ATA machine? What version of QNX?

Most probably the CD is connected an unsupported disk controller.

You could try pressing ESC at boot time to run a non-dma version of the drivers.


There is your problem ;-)

QNX has updated their driver to support more sata controler but it’s not on the CD ;-) I beleive they only support Intel chipset.

Is it possible to install from a USB stick?

I think it might, from memory the CD was changed for 6.3.2 so it could install from a CD-rom connected via USB so maybe, I said maybe.