german keymap for XPhoton


I tried to create a german keymap for XPhoton without success.
I used the description at:

I didn’t have the “cpp” app to compile the tempfile alike:
cpp -include /usr/include/photon/PkKeyDef.h -DPk_LATIN1 tempfile.fr102 | grep ^0x > sample.fr102

I did the translation / compilation manually. (See the attached files.)

The “normal” keys are working, but I need the following keys for ddd:

[ ] >

How works the magic behind the keymap file ?
How can I define that the “[” char is at the key “8” with the modifier “Alt Gr” ?

Where can I get the “xev” app which is mentioned in the following thread: … pic&t=1077

Thank you very much for your help !!!

Best regards



It is part of the xfree86. Not sure where you downloaded yours, but I can see xev is included in the xfree86 package as found in the sourceforge openqnx site:

I use XFree 4.2 from the 3rd Party-CD. My XFree was installed automatically with XPhoton.
But I don’t find the app xev.

I will check the XFree package from your link …