Existence of virtual keyboard in Photon

I’m used to develop application in Windows Ce, where virtual keyboard exists and permits to enter Alpha numeric characters in embedded platform, without hardware keyboard (such as PDA).
As i have to work in similar context using Photon, is there any Photon feature which permits that ?

Well, you can easily roll out your own one (and by doing that get the look you want of the ‘keyboard’.
You could download the eQip source and look at the virtual keyboard included with it, that should show you how to do it. Basically you PhEmit a PhKeyboardEvent_t.

If you’re a specialist, could you indicate me more precisely where finding this code in eQip ?

the eqip project is availible at eqip.sf.net, I assume you knew that though.

in the cvs, you can find it like this:
eqip/apps/input/ (this is the acctual phab project, you could even just modify this one to fit your needs if you’d like)/src/*.c
For sending the acctual keyevents, you’d want to look at the function SendKeys(keys.c).

Hope this helps!

Man - phearbear beat me to it. :slight_smile: