Request: add some warning for Momentics IDE

Hi! :slight_smile:
I’m using IDE version for windows.

My opinion:

  • warning user when they choose a workspace has blank in its name.
  • warning user when they import a project has blank in its name.
  • Folding code. Current IDE only fold code with a function as a minimum unit. Do more: any a pair of { } .
  • Automatic indent. User copy a rubbish block of code. When he/she paste its to IDE, code suddenly is clear and nice :smiley: . NodePad++ do this very well , as my wish :smiley:
  • IDE can understand code in UTF-8 format but compiler can not compile:( . I have a project in UFT-8 format, and then import it in workspace and the problem appears. I have to open files by NotePad, save as in ANSI format, problem is solved.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You are better post in the Eclipse project from (
For the compiler not understanding UTF-8, again you’d better post in the GCC related forum (